Lawyers Care Fund Program

Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.
- Albert Camus

In 2011, the Illinois Bar Foundation distributed $100,000 in financial aid to twelve lawyers who are unable to practice because of illness or other disability.

Through its Lawyers Care Fund, (formerly the IBF Subsistence Program), the Illinois Bar Foundation offers non-taxable subsistence gifts in the form of monthly support to help eligible lawyers and their families maintain modest but reasonable standards of living. With age, illness and physical disabilities adding to other problems, retired lawyers, widows and widowers often experience the need for financial assistance to cope with living expenses and medical costs. Catastrophic illness and the related medical expenses often deplete even the most successful lawyer's savings, and these significant medical bills make maintaining a reasonable standard of living nearly impossible. The IBF helps keep them in their homes, buy groceries, and pay for the essentials of living as they deal with these challenges.

Excerpts from a letter from Subsistence recipient Nicolle Simmons… “I wish I could individually contact each Attorney who has ever contributed anything and let them know what an effect they have had on our lives. This sounds so cliché, but I really don’t know where me and the kids would be today without the generosity of complete strangers. I always think about how grateful I am to all of you, and I always write these thank you letters in my head and thank God for you guys, and then when I sit down to express it to you I find myself at such a loss for words. I honestly don’t think I have the words to express how grateful I am…”

Funds from our Lawyers Care events, holiday direct mail appeal, the Warren Lupel Fund, the Ogden Brainard Trust and the James Hamilton Lewis Fund substantially support the Lawyers Care Fund. H. Ogden Brainard was the president of the Illinois State Bar Association from 1970-1971. Warren Lupel is a past president of the Illinois Bar Foundation.

Do you know of a member of the Bar who is need of financial assistance due to age, tragedy or infirmity? Please call the Illinois Bar Foundation for a Lawyers Care application at 312.726.6072.

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