2020 Gala-Palooza Awards

In 2020, the traditional Illinois Bar Foundation Gala was reimagined as a virtual “Gala-Palooza”, featuring a magic show, virtual Lawyers Rock performances, and awards for some of the brightest names in our community.

2020 Advocate Award

Simmons Hanly Conroy (accepted by Perry J. Browder & Jo Anna Pollock)

The Illinois Bar Foundation Advocate Award commends individuals or firms and organizations that tirelessly support the mission of the Foundation through sponsorship and advocacy. Illinois Bar Foundation Advocates consistently endeavor to give back to their communities and to make the mission of the Foundation a reality.

2020 Champion Award

David B. Sosin (Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck)

The Illinois Bar Foundation Champion Award honors individuals who have demonstrated a great commitment to the mission of the Illinois Bar Foundation through years of service and leadership. Illinois Bar Foundation Champions work to further the goals of the Foundation, to spread the word of the Foundation’s programs, and to help others become involved in the Foundation’s work.

2020 Changemaker Award

Kenya Jenkins-Wright and Dr. Mary Milano (both of the Illinois Guardianship & Advocacy Commission)

The Illinois Bar Foundation Changemaker Award celebrates individuals in our legal community who have shown leadership and innovation in the face of challenging issues. Illinois Bar Foundation Changemakers see the patterns around them, identify challenges in any situation, and creatively endeavor to solve problems.

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