Resources for the General Public:

The Illinois Bar Foundation does not provide legal services, advice, or representation.

To find a lawyer near you who practices in your legal area of need – please visit the Illinois State Bar Association’s Illinois Lawyer Finder.

If you are looking for free legal help, the Illinois Bar Foundation supports access to justice for those who need it most through our Illinois JusticeCorps program and grant giving.

People without lawyers can find in-person assistance from Illinois JutsiceCorps members at select courthouses around the state.

Illinois Legal Aid Online  provides comprehensive legal information and can direct you to local legal aid organizations and self-help resources.

The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice  offers information, court forms and other resources for people going to court without a lawyer.

If you have questions or complaints about your attorney, please visit the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Illinois Supreme Court.

Resources for Pro Bono Attorneys

The Illinois Bar Foundation encourages all practicing lawyers to give back to their communities and use their unique skills as attorneys by engaging in pro bono.

Pro bono opportunities can be found at Illinois Legal Aid and Public Interest Law Initiative.

For a virtual and flexible pro bono opportunity, consider volunteering with Illinois Free Legal Answers  – a program of the Public Interest Law Initiative in partnership with the American Bar Association and supported by the Illinois Bar Foundation.

Resources for Attorneys in Need

If you, or an attorney you know, is in need of assistance, please consider applying for assistance through the Warren Lupel Lawyers Care Fund.

If you, or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, depression, anxiety or other mental health issues – please consider reaching out to the Lawyers Assistance Program. Help is free and confidential.