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The Illinois Bar Foundation’s charitable programs advance the Foundation’s mission and further our values of ensuring equal access to justice, encouraging pro bono legal service, educating Illinoisans on their rights and responsibilities, and providing support for those in need.

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Access to Justice Grants

The Illinois Bar Foundation carefully vets legal aid organizations serving Illinoisans around the state and distributes grants for programs that provide civil legal services, encourage and support pro bono legal work, and educate Illinois residents on their rights and responsibilities under the law.

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Warren Lupel Lawyers Care Fund

The Illinois Bar Foundation’s Warren Lupel Lawyers Care Fund provides a lifeline to attorneys and their families with nowhere left to turn, offering financial aid to help them pay for day-to-day necessities during times of crisis.

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Illinois JusticeCorps

Illinois JusticeCorps is an innovative AmeriCorps program administered by the Illinois Bar Foundation that places volunteers in courthouses around Illinois to help people without lawyers. Volunteers are trained and supported to provide legal information and procedural guidance, as well as connect court patrons with legal aid services and self-help resources.

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Post-Graduate Legal Fellowship

Post-Graduate Legal Fellowships empower recent law school graduates to build their professional skills while also enabling civil legal aid clinics to help more low-income clients. The program is currently on pause as we evaluate potential changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shifting needs of law schools.

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Special Projects & Initiatives

In addition to our Access to Justice Grants, the Illinois Bar Foundation oversees a number of initiatives and funds with the aim of increasing access to civil legal aid in the State of Illinois.

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