Distinguished Service to Law & Society Award

The Illinois Bar Foundation selects individuals each year to receive the Distinguished Service to Law & Society Award, presented at our annual Champions Breakfast (formerly known as the Fellows Breakfast). Honorees are selected because of their significant contributions to law and society, including dedicated service through the Illinois Bar Foundation and its Champions.

Past Distinguished Service to Law & Society Award Recipients

2019 Michael J. Rooney and Justice Mary Jane Theis
2018 Hon. Dennis J. Burke (Ret.) and Ruth Ann Schmitt
2017 Jayne Reardon and Justice James Wexstten (Ret.)
2016 M. Ann Hatch
2015 Paula Hudson Holderman
2014 J. Nelson Wood
2013 Hon. Roger Fein
2012 Mark D. Hassakis
2011 Russell K. Scott
2010 Warren Lupel
2009 Hon. Nancy Katz
2008 Peter Alexander
2007 George R. Ripplinger, Jr.
2006 Cheryl I. Niro
2005 Leonard Amari
2002 R. Michael Henderson
2001 Justice Thomas L. Kilbride
2000 John B. Kincaid
1999 Ralph A. Gabric
1998 Hon. Earl E. Strayhorn
1997 Sen. Paul Simon
1996 Justice Mary Ann G. McMorrow
1993 Sen. Alan J. Dixon
1992 Hon. William J. Bauer
1991 1991 – Hon. Abraham Lincoln Marovitz
1990 Hon. Edward Levi
1989 Hon. Jewel S. LaFontant-Mankarious
1988 Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh
1987 Hon. Dan Rostenkowski
1986 Justin A. Stanley
1985 President Gerald R. Ford
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