Honorary Champion Award Recipients

Each year at the Champions Breakfast (formerly known as the Fellows Breakfast), the Illinois Bar Foundation selects at least one individual to be acknowledged as an Honorary Champion. Recipients are attorneys of distinction whose professional and public careers set an example to which others aspire.

Honorary Champion Award Past Recipients

2023 James B. Zouras, Ryan F. Stephan & the firm of Stephan Zouras, LLP
2022 Kevin J. Conway
2019 Allen N. Schwartz
2018 Richard R. Winter
2017 Justice Mary Anne Mason
2016 Patrick Fitzgerald
2015 Jennifer Rosato Perea
2014 Hon. Grace Dickler
2013 Hon. Ruben Castillo
2012 Justice Rita B. Garman
2011 Hon. Diane Wood
2010 James Montgomery
2009 Hon. James Holderman
2008 Dawn Clark Netsch
2007 Thomas P. Sullivan
2006 Terrence Hake
2004 Hon. Abner Mikva
1999 Joel Daly
1997 Justice William D. Stiehl
1994 Hon. Thomas E. Hornsby
1994 Hon. Harry G. Comerford
1993 Hon. Robert E. Wiss
1992 Justice William G. Clark
1990 Justice Daniel P. Ward
1989 Richard J. Phelan
1988 Hon. Warren D. Wolfson
1987 William H. Webster
1986 John E. Cribbet
1985 Robert C. Underwood
1985 President Gerald R. Ford
1984 Arthur Goldberg