Past Chairs

Since its inception in 1983, the Chairs of the Champions (formerly known as the Fellows) have demonstrated strong leadership of the program and the Illinois Bar Foundation. We appreciate the invaluable contributions of all of our Past Chairs.

2019-2021 John L. Nisivaco
2018-2019 Sandra Crawford
2016–2018 Susan M. Goldberg
2015-2016 Deane B. Brown
2014-2015 Timothy W. Kelly
2012-2014 Edward J. Burt
2010-2012 Elizabeth Jensen
2008-2010 John G. Locallo
2006-2008 James Reichardt
2004-2006 Hon. Naomi H. Schuster
2002-2004 Umberto S. Davi
2000-2002 Gilda Hudson-Winfield
1999-2000 M. Ann Hatch
1989-1999 Peggy M. Raddatz
1997-1998 Hon. Milton S. Wharton
1996-1997 Alan Pearlman
1993-1994 Nancy Hablutzel
1992-1993 Earle A. Malkin
1991-1992 Hon. Patrick J. Leston
1990-1991 C. Harker Rhodes, Jr.
1988-1989 Carla R. Michelotti
1987-1988 Peter H. Lousberg
1986-1987 Don E. Johnson
1985-1986 Wilbur F. Pell, III
1984-1985 Robert E. Jones
1983-1984 Hon. Roger G. Fein
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