Thank You to Our New & Upgraded Champions!

February 7. 2022

Thank you to this year’s New and Upgraded Champions, formerly known as Fellows, who have committed to supporting the statewide mission of the Illinois Bar Foundation. Champions pledges start at just $100 per year, or less than $9 per month, and these contributions fund the IBF’s work helping lawyers in need and promoting equal access to justice throughout the State. Interested in joining likeminded attorneys seeking to make a difference across Illinois? You can become an IBF Champion here.

*New & upgraded Champions commitments as of 1.31.22


Gerald T. Donoghue, Bronze Champion
Eric W. Evans, Bronze Champion
Daniel J. Heywood, Bronze Champion
Elizabeth A. Khalil, Bronze Champion
Brian LaCien, Bronze Champion
Hon. Margaret Stanton McBride, Bronze Champion Martin Siemer, Bronze Champion
Jean Marie Wenger, Bronze Champion
Evan W. Schanerberger, Silver Champion


Karen A. Enright, Silver Champion
John J. Johnston, Silver Champion Theresa Beran Kulat, Silver Champion George L. Schoenbeck, III, Silver Champion Nancy G. Easum, Gold Champion
Ava M. George Stewart, Gold Champion Jenifer L. Johnson, Gold Champion Richard L. Turner, Jr., Gold Champion Edward J. Jarot, Jr., Diamond Champion

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